Picture Perfect

New! Paint it Forward Charitable Option

Working in small teams for Picture Perfect, the group is given access to all the tools and equipment they need to create a masterpiece. Each team will work on a separate part of the piece, requiring communication, cooperation and exchange of ideas and information throughout the session.

Art team building

Inspire and energize your team! No need to be afraid of art or intimidated by the creative process- no experience is necessary as our experienced and enthusiastic facilitators guide your team as they create beautiful artwork. The Picture Perfect program is quite simply one of the most effective, memorable and meaningful conference team builds around. Your challenge is to produce an impressive masterpiece from many separate canvasses. The team will need to “see the bigger picture” as they pull together, communicate and collaborate to make the project a success. Individuals, sub teams, and the total team must all work together to produce an effective and impressive end result. The final masterpiece is huge, and will prove to be a remarkable piece of art that the delegates will be proud to have contributed to and can be hung at work as a permanent reminder.

Art Team Building - Picture Perfect

There will be applause as individuals and teams realize the scale of their success and how great things can happen when people work together well. The company may wish to hang the individual canvas up in every office as a reminder of how well things work when they pull together for the big picture itself can be hunt up for all to see.

We also have a charitable version, “Paint it Forward” where the artwork can be donated to a hospital or worthwhile charity.


Art Team Building Picture Perfect

Group size

12 - 150+

Time needed

2+ hours (plus paint drying time)

Space requirements

A conference room with approx 25 sq ft per participant. We need tables that the team members can walk around to create their masterpiece. The mural will also need a place to be stored while they dry, a minimum of 6 hours.

“I thought the event was very well organized and provided the perfect balance between small team interaction and large group collaboration.  With so many people from different areas of the organization coming together this served as a great ice breaker for the beginning of the meeting, and being able to end the meeting viewing the finished product gave everyone a great sense of accomplishment.  I would recommend these guys for future events.”

logo for a happy client B.K., Corporate Payment Solutions

“Wonderful! Thanks to all who made this possible. The feedback from team members has been very positive.”

PJM Interconnection H.P. – PJM Interconnection
  • The finished masterpiece from Picture Perfecet
  • Picture Perfect
  • grayscale of picture perfect
  • spirit picture perfect

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