Trust or Bust: Build Rapport with Your Team

Sharpen your intuition and bridge the communication gap with this airport themed detection activity. Your team will work together to fool or catch the individuals with contraband items at customs. Unlock the power of nonverbal ques for effective communication!

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Unveil Deception and Build Team Trust

Ready to bust some lies and build trust?

Trust or Bust is an engaging activity themed as the customs area of an international airport, complete with customs officials, arriving passengers, and contraband items (DVDs, money, etc). Participants are guided through a series of fun experiential activities to learn about the role of facial expressions, body language, congruity of speech, and eye-assessing cues in relation to trust and deception. These skills are then put to the test as teams adopt the roles of arriving passengers or customs officials aiming to detect contraband items. The ability to identify both truth and deception allows you to build better business relationships based on trust and confidence in others. It helps in any decision-making process which involves other people and leads to a competitive business advantage.

Experience the thrill of communication mastery with Team Trust or Bust!

Team size
  • 12-150
Time needed
  • 2-3 hours
Space requirement

This indoor activity requires a private function space.

Ideal for
  • Customer Service
  • Rapport-Building
  • Identifying Truth & Deception
  • Enhance Communication
  • Strengthen Team Bonds

This program can be enhanced with the Quickfire Interactive app and can be customized to meet your goals, utilizing your content and messaging. As well as bespoke solutions, Quickfire Interactive is the app driving some of the world’s most popular activities for in-person, hybrid and online teams

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