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Pinball Wizard

Build. Customize. Play. Share.

Program Overview

“He’s a pinball wizard
There has got to be a twist
A pinball wizard
S’got such a supple wrist”

Pinball Wizard is the perfect team building option if you’re looking for a fun program that brings out your team’s creativity, adaptability, resourcefulness, and the DIYer inside all of them. Armed only with pre-cut cardboard pieces, box rivets, rubber bands, markers, and marbles, each team is challenged to assemble their own tabletop pinball game that needs only gravity to operate.

Your expert facilitator(s) will provide step-by-step instructions to produce the same basic chassis for each team. Once each team has assembled their “machine,” you are then free to design your pinball game. An assortment of interchangeable play surfaces and add-on options will be provided to get creative with. Just like in a corporate setting, different people and resources must come together to build a working, productive machine that enthralls the end user.

Once each team has assembled and modified their “machines” to their liking, it’s time to play! Individuals will rotate stations and rank each finished product in categories such as best gameplay, best decorated, and best use of props. Scores culminate, and prizes are awarded based on the voting.

Teams will not only unleash creativity and resourcefulness while participating in Pinball Wizard but they will also participate in a tubular throwback-themed experience as we bring back the 1980’s with themed music, playing classic video games even solving a Rubik’s cube!

totally 80's


innovative team buildingPinball Wizard is an Innovation Lab program. We always have some fresh new team building brainstorm under development. Remember, every event we offer has to start somewhere and this one started with a Kickstarter. The opportunity for you? A deeply discounted, deeply memorable experience when you let us test-drive our latest creation on your team. Of course, we’ll want photos and video – you will, too.


Group Size

20 - 200+

Time Needed

2 - 3 hours

Ideal For
  • Fun & Motivation
  • Practical leadership
  • Project planning
  • Team Dynamics
  • Uniting Teams

Pinball Wizard can easily be tailored to your organization. Would you like to challenge your teams to incorporate office supplies into their designs? We can do that! Want to suggest particular industry or company specific items become game board obstacles? We can do that too! With Pinball Wizard your teams will be tasked to build a blank canvas, and the only limits to the final product will be their available resources and creativity.



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