Murder Mystery Dinners

Solve the Murder in teams!

Mystery Cafe been doing one-of-a-kind, team building murder mysteries for over 25 years for groups as small as 12 and as large as 500. Some shows are customized, (like the one in the photo) some are better for small audiences, others for large audiences, some are great team builders, solved in teams, others take you back in time. All of our shows include lots of audience participation, comedy, and music.

Murder Mystery Dinners

26442_384906079476_499254_nTeambonding’s partner in crime is Mystery Cafethe Original Murder Mystery Dinner Theater, which has been solving the mystery of corporate entertainment and team building since 1987.  Murder Mystery Dinners are both entertaining and team building and can be tailored to your team. They are “interactive” shows designed to be performed during a meal. Unlike stage theater, the actors perform around your dinner table and in-between the courses of your meal. It has been described  by NBC as a live game of Clue.

There is something about the Murder Mystery Dinners program that everyone loves.  The teamwork, the competitive element the race to the top, the costumes and the excitement of participating in murder is really fun. As a team building event, each table works as a team to collect clues, question suspects and solve the mystery, and all the while our performers are keeping them laughing and enjoying themselves.

We have a wide range of mysteries from customized plots that are developed specifically for your group and event, to shows that can be performed anywhere for anyone.


Group size

20 – 500

Time needed

2 - 3 hours - typically during a meal

Space requirements

A function room, a harbor cruise, a mansion, a dinner train, a private room within a restaurant or employee cafeteria.

“They had a blast and we will most likely do this again next year!  Fabulous!!  Charlotte was a hoot, you were right”

images-1 C.T., Dunkin Donuts

“The event was received extremely positively by most everyone that attended. I heard comments saying it was the best offsite event we have ever held! We will have stories that will be retold from that evening for a very long time!”

novologo J.C. – Novo Nordisk Inc.

“Everyone is still ‘buzzing’ about the fun time they had last night. I expect that you will see some repeat customers at your public performances. Plus, I suspect we will be monitoring your web site for new mysteries and that we will  have another event with you!”

images-2 C.C. – PeopleSoft EPM

“Awesome!  The team had a great time.  Everyone enjoyed the interaction and suspense. Great job! We will do this again!”

images S.M. – Eli Lily

“Excellent show!  The actors were fun and interacted well with your company.  We will definitely recommend to others.  I enjoyed hearing that co-worker laughter!”

images-1 R.P. – American Express

“The event was superb. Our folks loved it and were caught totally unaware. The customization was fantastic, especially considering you only had three days to pull it all together! Your actors were the best! This was great fun,  thank you for a great evening.”

Sodexho IS&T M.M. – Sodexo IS&T

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