Tyler Hayden – Motivational Keynote Speaker

keynote speaker like you’ve never seen before! These presentations have been a hit at conferences and conventions from 50 to 5,000 people. They’re hilarious!  They’re high energy!  They’re impactful!


In Tyler we trust and as you can see by his video – he is inspiring, fun and lives the principles we believe here at TeamBonding – through The Power of Play! We are excited to partner with him in the Tyler Hayden – Motivational Keynote Speaker program. Here are three of his most popular keynotes:

everyday adventure logoEveryday Adventure – How to Live Life Large without climbing Everest

If you are not pushing the envelope you aren’t living.  But really, are you going to climb Everest?  The closest we will probably get to Everest is the ride at Disney.  But just because we aren’t climbing Everest doesn’t mean that we can’t live an adventure lifestyle.
Walk with Tyler through some everyday adventures that you can find in your own community or with a quick commuter flight.  Learn about the psychological and physical benefits of injecting adventure into the everyday.  Find out why and adventurous workplace is a profitable workplace.  Develop a new mantra of instilling the power of adventure in your everyday.  Explore quick techniques of imparting that sense of adventure to your community, children and co-workers.
Tyler is an everyday adventurer, from driving breakneck speeds in a NASCAR and naked wilderness survival to swimming with Great White Sharks and playing restaurant roulette.  You will learn some really simple and effective ways of energizing the everyday, without having to climb Everest.

motivational speakerFriday! is the best day of the week because it is a gateway to freedom…  But, you know that freedom is not yours because of looming deadlines, emails to respond to, and product to deliver.  So somehow you innately change your state of mind to meet the needs of the day.  You will seamlessly achieve everything, because it’s Friday!, and you’ve got plans for the weekend.

Friday! truly is a state of mind, and with the Friday mind set you can achieve corporate well being. It is a time when you pull out all the stops, get busy, and get ‘er done.  Join Tyler as he explores the 9 ¾ most important skills to living the Friday! state of mind, everyday.  Laugh along with Tyler while you learn among other things to: drop old behaviors, boost creativity, master meaning, create connection, optimize optimism, vet vision, and peak perform.

miq logoMIQ (Multiple Intelligence Quotient) Team Building with Intelligence 

Some of the top reasons people leave organizations are:

  • Issues with management
    Lack of opportunity for challenge and growth in their position
  • Lack of recognition of a job well done

You are invited to spend an interactive (and hilarious) session exploring some things that we can do to keep our teams engaged and functioning collectively.

You will learn:

  • What is needed for effective Team Building program design (3Fʼs)
    How to assess your teamʼs building style (MIQ)
    Simple tools to engage and keep employees

Our exclusive MIQ process is a way of gathering information on your team memberʼs individual learning intelligences and then applying them to the collective group to help managers discover and create phenomenal opportunities for leadership.


Group size

50 - 5,000

Time needed

1 - 3 hours

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