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NEW for 2020! Team building kits can be sent to individual homes (VIRTUAL), companies for curbside pickup (HYBRID or REMOTE), or to offices for in-person programs facilitated remotely. The choice is yours and the choices are endless!

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Event Overview

When times are hard we rely on helping hands to create a community of support that will get us through. In this heartwarming philanthropic team building program, we aim to provide care kits for those in need by giving them hope, help and a little cheer.

Through this philanthropic team building program, your group builds community care kits which may contain first-aid essentials, survival gear, weather gear, hand warmers, blankets, sunblock, socks, personal hygiene products and more. Each team will face a challenge that will be focused on a different area of need for people who require an extra helping hand in the categories of housing, food, education, healthcare, or personal hygiene.

Dependent upon the crisis, these kits can be tailored to provide essential items and immediate aid to those who are affected. Helping Hands focuses on supporting those faced with sudden devastation brought on by an unexpected disaster, or battling homelessness.  We’ll coordinate the donation of your completed community care kits to a local shelter, American Red Cross, or another local organization.

Connect your team and strengthen company morale while making a direct impact on the lives of others. Give your team the chance to experience this rewarding and unforgettable charity team building event, because a team that gives together, grows together.

Event Details

Group Size

20 to 500

Time Needed

2.5 hours

Space Requirement

Large Meeting Room or Ballroom – space needs depend on number of participants.

Ideal For

  • Combine Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) with team building
  • Ignite passion and sense of purpose
  • Work together to solve problems and work through challenges
  • Identify individual and team strengths
  • Enhance communication and collaboration within work teams
  • Increase overall company morale
  • Budget-conscious teams


Self facilitate/DIY

  •  The kit will come with all materials for a dozen completed builds
  •  15 min. 1 on 1 scheduled appointment to speak in advance with a TB professional Facilitator
  • How-to Facilitate instruction booklet
  • General suggestions where/how to donate
  • All Trivia and participant paperwork included

Virtual or Hybrid Program

  •  The kit will come with all materials for a dozen completed builds
  •  All trivia and participant paperwork included
  •  A dedicated Event Manager to arrange shipment and orchestrate the virtual meeting
  • A professional TeamBonding host to virtually facilitate program
  • Charity Donation arranged by Event Manager
  • Courier arranged to pick up and deliver donation locally
*Community Care Kits will come in sets of 12, suitable for up to 24+ participants, pending the desired outcome, and how many individuals will participate.
**Kit can be sent to an office for an in-house program, OR, the kit can be sent to the office for curbside distribution.

Contact us to tailor this event to your unique needs.

Even with all of the packaged event options we offer, you may need something different. Maybe a special conference theme, favorite management book, ideal training model or a unique set of learning outcomes… We can help.

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