GoTek High-Tech Scaventures

Ultimate Technology Driven Mobile Adventure

We haven’t used technology for technology’s sake.  The smartphone and tablet revolution has allowed us to raise the bar and create a unique event that gives a more interactive team building experience.

design_img_07Get Your Tech On in this high tech iPad or smartphone scavenger hunt is a team building program with a conventional twist.

GoTek uses gamification to engage participants, the “Process of using game thinking and game mechanics to solve problems and engage audiences”. Put simply, it means that you’ll get far better results from your group if you engage them within a game environment – perfect for an interactive scavenger hunt using tablets and smartphones.

We design the challenges around the location you are in, and what is available in the general area. Along the way you’ll discover some great facts about where you are and learn great new things.

Live & Interactive

Receive instant feedback on your answers, live messages from your facilitator and status updates from all of the teams. You’ll get bonus challenges when you reach certain point thresholds, timed questions, a live scoreboard and more curveballs than you can throw a… well, a curveball at!

GOTEK_MAD_DASH_RGB_SM-01Trivia & Photo Hunt

Teams will compete in photo challenges combined with trivia challenges tailored for your location and can include information about your company. One person from each team will download the app we provide onto their mobile phone.

outdoor scavenger huntYour Own Amazing Race

This hunt consists of photo challenges plus 3 location specific challenges.

GOTEK_CITY_EXPLORER_CMYK_SM-01Complete Experience: Multimedia + Physically Interactive

Includes hot spots, video and photo challenges along with trivia challenges. A wrap-up will follow in which the pictures and videos are viewed and a winning team declared! GPS challenges unlock when you are in a specific location to activate your tasks on your smartphone or tablet. Image Recognition challenges require that you scan an image, plaque, beer mat, label or indeed anything we choose to unlock your tasks.

Theme Your Hunt

Do you want to support a local cause? Does your team love chocolate? Ever dreamed of becoming a spy? Theme your hunt to target your team’s interests.




Group size

20 - 5000

Time needed

2-3 hours

Space requirements

One of the coolest benefits of this event is it can be run anywhere in the world, and even in multiple locations at the same time! This is perfect for companies with offices spread out across the country or even around the world. Wherever people are participating, we recommend you finish at a bar/restaurant for drinks, post-race storytelling and winner recognition.

“The hunt was a huge success! Even this skeptical crowd of mobile app building designers and engineers were pleasantly surprised with the very cool smartphone application, and everyone had a really great time! Michael and his team did a terrific job facilitating and the whole event went very smoothly. The way that the application was customized for our company and the specific route we chose was just perfect. There’s already been a buzz around the rest of the office in other departments about how cool the Scaventure hunt is for team building, so you may be getting some calls very soon!”

pandora testimonial L.D. – Pandora

“Thanks for all of your help in planning our team building activity, the logistics were perfect. Matt and his team did a wonderful  job, and we were able to accomplish our goal – team integration.”

430382_10150725565241183_329193709_a R.G. – Emerson Climate Technologies Latin America

“The event was absolutely awesome!  Thanks for your help with everything. We were all extremely happy and excited to be part of it. My boss is already talking about doing it again with our entire company.  The challenges worked very well with our group of guys!”

 K.B. – Salem Sports Inc.

“The Amazing Race Dash was a great TeamBonding experience. Everyone enjoyed themselves and the staff was fun and knowledgeable. Thanks again for helping us plan our summer outing!”

77215v1-max-250x250 A.S. – Highfields Capital

“I would like to say a huge thank you for the event! Derek and his crew were awesome, they totally made the day more excellent and my team enjoyed it thoroughly.”

guardian L.P. – Guardian

“I wanted to thank you on behalf of MasterCard for putting together our team event. Everyone had a great time and your staff was extremely friendly and helpful… an all-around great experience.”

Mastercard[1] MasterCard
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