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Escape from Werewolf Village


Program Overview

The best of the escape room craze delivered.  Up to 275 participants all playing at the same time!

Welcome to the absolute hottest trend in brain-teasing live adventures: the live escape game team building challenge. We went straight to the top, partnering with SCRAP Entertainment to provide a portable version of Escape from the Werewolf Village, one of their biggest hits to date. SCRAP introduced the concept of live escape entertainment in Japan back in 2007, and they’re absolute masters of their craft.  Check out their recent award:  Best Escape Room by USA Today.

Best Escape Room USA Today!The scenario: you’ve wandered into a village where werewolf attacks are a nightly problem. Teams must uncover mysteries, solve cerebral puzzles and make their way out alive – all under time pressure. It’s a roller coaster of intense excitement and the perfect way to make your team pull together as more of a team. This escape room activity captures all the excitement of a premier escape room, no matter what room you’re in. In this format, players are split into teams of 6, and they all share a large event space simultaneously. There is no locked door or key, but there is a final solution that all teams are racing to discover. The total team building escape game time is about 90 minutes including an introduction and debrief and actual gameplay is 60 minutes.

While this escape room activity is meant to be fun, there are many factors that mimic stressful work situations: a hard time limit that you are very aware of during the game, working with people with different skills to reach a common goal, communicating in an unfamiliar situation, and adjusting to changing circumstances. You will likely see a variety of emotions and approaches to problem solving and leadership emerge during the game.

It’s an exhilarating way to spend time with coworkers, and most importantly the group will have a wonderful shared experience that they’ll be talking about for weeks.




Group Size

30 - 275

Time Needed

1.5 - 2 hours

Space Requirement

Single room with at least 110 sq. ft per team of 6 and space for a MC/stage. 30” round tables preferred. Additional rooms can be used to hide clues if available.

Timing:  Minimum 15 min. intro + 60 min. game + 15 min. solution = 90 mins

Ideal For
  • General employee events (on or off-site)
  • Intern events
  • New employee orientations
  • Company parties

Escape from Werewolf Village is a live, puzzle-oriented entertainment event! It is unlike an escape room in that there are many teams, each with six people, all sharing one room. You have 60 minutes to find the clues, solve the puzzles, and escape not the physical room but the situation instead. TeamBonding Escape Games are held in all sorts of fun venues with tons of different themes. Each game can only be played once!

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