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Team Painting is a fun, unique and rewarding experience for teams of 6 or more! No artistic talent needed. Each participant creates a personalized painting.

The experience starts with a premium Art Box with all the art tools and materials needed to complete one stunning painting. 

Each team member installs the App (iOS or Android). The app guides your team through the process of art creation. Team members help each other choose which art to create, offer painting tips, and celebrate each other’s successes.

The end result is a 7 by 7 inch framed painting. Participants can hang their paintings on a shared wall or take them home. Hang the artworks on your office wall in any configuration. Make your wall meaningful, personalized, and colorful.

Each team member can choose what to paint from a huge gallery of professional art or one of their own photos or even a portrait of their boss 🙂

The Team Painting Event works with an unlimited number of participants and takes about 1-2 hours. No previous talent or artistic knowledge needed. Anyone can join in and create their own beautiful painting.

Print the flyer here.

The Inspiration Wall

This is one of our most popular concepts for team building events. Create a beautiful inspiration wall at the office. Each team member paints a meaningful word they choose. Cover an office wall with inspiring statements created by employees, your company logo or vision. 

The Experience Continues At Home

Team members take the premium art tools home with them and are able to paint additional artworks. This serves as a rewarding gift.


What's in the Box?

The price includes 6 boxes, our minimum.  Each of the premium art boxes are full of high-quality art products that were specially designed to provide an amazing and smooth experience for beginners and crafters alike.

  • 12 Mini Canvases
  • 12 High-grade acrylic paint tubes
  • #8 flat head brush
  • #2 flat head brush
  • Foldable aluminum device stand and pad
  • Premium black metal frame
  • 2 premium B and 2H sketching pencils
  • Narrow-tip black marker
  • Brush-holder so you can easily clean your brushes
  • Microfiber wipe for keeping things clean
  • 3 paint containers for blending your paints
  • Eraser
  • Metal sharpener

Twelve Mini Canvases

  • The Mini Canvases are your painting surface
  • The top layer is 100% cotton canvas, which is the same surface professional artists paint on
  • You get three spare Mini Canvases, so you don’t need to worry about making mistakes

Foldable aluminum device stand and pad

  • Holds your device so you can draw the outline accurately
  • The stand conveniently holds any sized mobile phone or tablet

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