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TeamBonding does so many events in banquet rooms and ballrooms, conference centers and restaurants.  We bring the props, sound, material, and decorate as much as possible but we knew we could do better.  At a recent event in Las Vegas we were introduced to the most amazing company, a company that hand paints the most colorful, fun, and unique backdrops that will enhance your event and provide the most amazing, wait for it, ‘backdrop’ for your photos and your team building event.  

Imagine a Mexican Hacienda for your Salsa and Sangria Making or Military Heroes for Operation Military Care or a Pumpkin Patch as a backdrop for your Pumpkin Carving.  Want more ideas? How about a Graffiti Backdrop for Team Graffiti or a Hollywood backdrop for Make-a-Movie.  Can you resist the Ice Cream Shop for Ice Cream Making. Check out some of the photos of our team building backdrops.

How to order your event backdrop:

  • Contact

 These images are a representation of our painted backdrops. Actual photo available upon request.

What Do I Get?

After you contact to place your order you will get:

Backdrop Size: 10′ x 10’*

What will you need to hang the backdrop?

Pipe and Base Requirements:

       (2) 7′ – 12′ adjustable uprights

       (2) 18″ x 18″ x3/16″ base

       (1) 7′ – 12′ crossbars

Fee: includes two-way shipping, one-week rental fee

Backdrop Rental:

We have partnered with a company that has years of experience in the backdrop industry, and we have handpicked backdrops we believe match well with programs we offer. What a perfect way to enhance your team building program! The backdrops are high-quality hand-painted and airbrushed. Your backdrop will come to you or your venue via FEDEX, and you will schedule the pick up giving 3 days notice.  We offer Door-to-Door delivery of backdrops to any location.

How do I hang my backdrop?

Our 10′ high backdrops are easy to manage and can easily be hung using the ties we provide together with the grommets on the backdrop or you may use rubber tipped clamps. The backdrops cannot be used outdoors or where they can be exposed to elements. Water and moisture will react with the fire retardant chemical and ruin the backdrop. However, backdrops hung inside a tent are acceptable as long as they are kept off the grass or wet surface. In addition, venues with open-air stages are also suitable if the backdrop if protected by an awning.

*Other sizes and custom backdrops are available.

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