Search And Rescue



Search and Rescue lets participants experience what can be done as a team and how much fun it can be.

The art of cooperation is something we are taught as children. For some reason, many of us forget that lesson when we enter the front door of work. This exercise is designed to let participants experience how fun cooperation and teamwork can be.

Clear communication is required as well as the passing of critical information from person to person in order to accomplish the task. This event will show what happens when there are gaps in communication and the resulting frustration will be a source of long dialogue.

The goal of the Search and Rescue team building exercise is to have the entire team involved, demonstrate the power of teamwork and show the interdependence teams have.

This search and rescue kit is a fun activity that your group will not forget and relates easily back to work.

Participants: 6 – 24
Location: Inside and Outside, Inside with lots of room.
Activity Level: Medium
Time Needed: 15 to 20 Minutes plus debrief – 45 to 60 minutes total
Objectives: Coaching, Communication


What Do I Get?

What do I get with Search and Rescue?

The team building activity comes in an easy-to-use storage bag and will include the following:

  • Comprehensive information on the purpose of the game, how to set it up, the storyline and the safety measures necessary during the course of the exercise.
  • Instructions on how to debrief the exercise and questions that you should ask the participants.
  • Professional materials and props necessary to conduct the exercise.

It includes everything you need to provide a good quality, well thought out and meaningful team building experience for your organization.

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