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Pegged Strategic Thinking



PEGGED – The Strategic Thinking Game

Objective: This mind-bending game looks deceptively easy, yet stimulates so much great brain exercise.

Divide your group into five or six teams. The goal of this DIY team building game is simple enough: get as many large, colorful pegs as possible lined up on your team’s pegboard. But, winning requires planning, managing complex variables and predicting how each move will affect your strategy. Teams must strike a delicate balance between collaboration and competition. As always, communication is key.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Practicing systems thinking
  • Anticipating needs of others and strategically deciding how your teams movements will impact others
  • Balancing small team and big team effort
  • Assessing the reality of the situation and adjusting your course in a timely manner to influence the end results in your favor
  • Listening and communication skills
  • Leadership and risk taking
  • Systems management and forecasting
  • Short and long term planning and execution

Recommended Group Size:  5 to 18 participants per game, no limit on # of games

Length: 50 minutes + Debrief


What's In the Box?


  • High-quality wooden set
  • Complete instructions
  • Train the Trainer guide

There will be an $8.50 shipping fee per order shipped within the US.

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