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Lights, Camera, Action!





Objective: Teams design and produce a TV commercial

At one time or another, each of us has had what seems like a killer idea for a TV commercial. Now your group can actually dream up and produce ads of their very own. Choose a theme that reflects your own company focus, or simply let people go wild with creativity. Working together, small teams come up with concepts, then write, shoot and edit their ideas into 30- and 60-second masterpieces. With so many jobs to do, everyone will find a way to contribute. Select a panel of judges for the big “awards show,” screen the commercials for the entire group, and see just how contagious laughter can be. This low-budget team building activity is a wonderful addition to any conference, training session or team day.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Connect teams
  • Energize teams
  • Have fun

Program Length: 1 to 4 hours
Recommended Group Size: 12 to 20 participants
Energy Levels: Low to High
Ease of Delivery: Easy


What Do I Get?


  • Event Staff– We recommend having two staff to run the activity:  A Team Building Direct staff member will host the event and you will need to provide another to help with tech work like downloading video
  • Quick Start Guide– Follow this guide, and you can easily be running this program in next to no time.
  • Activity Running Sheet– This will help you stage a smooth event.
  • Instructional Videos– This makes everything so easy. See how the team building activity works, what props you need and how to set it up.
  • Step-by-Step Written Instructions– Following these clear instructions will help make sure you don’t miss a thing.
  • Checklists– A handy to-do list covering the before, during and after of your event.
  • Activity Brief Rules Sheet–Simply print out and use as a guide to run the activity.
  • All printable props– Simply print out and you’re ready to go.

When do I get it?

A Teambonding member will be in contact with you within 48 hours with your purchase/ information.


There are a few things that you’ll want to arrange in advance to make your event a total success:

  • Event Staff– Team Building Direct will provide a host for the event and you will need to provide another staff member to help with tech work like downloading videos.
  • Room/Space– Table and chairs for each team
  • Music and Mic– Music is a great way to get participants excited. If you’re working with a large group, a microphone is a great tool to help you hold their attention.
  • Flip Chart for each team to brainstorm ideas and draw up concepts
  • Projector, Computer with speakers and digital video cameras– When working with tech gear, always make sure you do a run-through first!
  • Basic Props and Fun Prizes– Purchase a few items participants can use for costumes/props, along with some fun novelty prizes for each team.