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I’ve Got Your Number



Product Description

I’VE GOT YOUR NUMBER – Large-Group Game

Objective: This larger-than-life puzzle provides a uniquely powerful way to focus and energize a big team.

Here’s a fantastic DIY team building option for up to 240 players, either in an open environment or auditorium. It’s competitive, fun, addictive and challenging! The basic goal is to arrange numbers and letters spread randomly around the room into specific patterns. The task appears simple at first but becomes more complex as you go. Designed to effectively enhance teamwork, strategic planning, leadership skills and managing change under pressure.

Learning outcomes:

  • Improved teamwork
  • Greater coordination
  • Definitive leadership skills
  • Strategic planning
  • Practice at execution
  • Managing change effectively under pressure
  • Process improvement

Recommended Group Size: Minimum of 15 to 25 and Maximum of 240 players at one time; the more players the greater the fun and the learning outcomes
Length: 45-60 minutes + Debrief


What's In the Box?


  • (1) set of 240 numbers
  • (1) set of 104 letters
  • (1) stopwatch
  • (1) whistle
  • Set-up Guide
  • Train the Trainer Guide

There will be an $8.50 flat shipping fee for orders shipped within the US.