Emergence | A Game of Teamwork and Deception


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Assimilate data and gain knowledge for the greater good, or use it for your own agenda in this futuristic board game.

In Emergence, players act as Operatives for either the Artificial Intelligence security forces or the Human rebels. Players take turns moving individual “agents” to collect data that is converted into influence. They can use their influence to either score points for their respective teams, or spend them on abilities that will help them deduce teammates and ward off enemy players. Since the Humans are in the minority, they know who their fellow teammates are and employ deception and persuasion to hide their true identities. On the other hand, the A.I. players use their deduction skills to identify their fellow teammates and to root out the Humans. However, knowing is simply not enough, you must still accomplish your objective. Trust no one.

Emergence requires balancing your skills of teamworkdeception, and resource collection.

Teamwork: You won’t get very far in Emergence without teamwork and co-operating with your fellow agents. While traversing the board gathering the data you need to win might sound easy at first, it’s a task made difficult by the humans in your midst working to sabotage your efforts and sow paranoia through your team. We have intel confirming that one or two humans have infiltrated your team. Exposing and outmaneuvering these saboteurs will test your ability to work as a team and will demand you to make the most out of the scarcest resource of all – trust.

Deception: Spreading misinformation, painting blame on another, and creating chaos are all methods the humans will use to prevent the us, the A.I. from eradicating humanity once and for all. You must work in direct opposition by being steadfast inquisitors on the search for truth and an unobstructed path to victory.

Resource Collection: Resources in the form of raw data or compiled knowledge are your primary tools to undermine your enemies and achieve victory. At the start of each round, each operative simultaneously declares their augmentations–blue for a electro-mechanical alignment and green for bio-mechanical. These augmentations determine where you can move, which tiles you can gather or replenish data, and even which operatives you can interact with. This makes the simple act of moving around the board and gathering resources highly strategic and every move you make has repercussions that reach every corner of the board.


  • Working together as a team
  • Honing in problem-solving skills
  • Competing against the clock and each other

Team Sizes:

This teamwork activity is recommended for teams of 3-6 players, and you will want to buy one box per team.


What do I get?

Emergence the board game comes with:

  • 24 Hex Tiles
  • 60 Data Blocks
  • 6 Allegiance Cards
  • 6 Player Boards
  • 6 Operative Meeples
  • 6 Action Markers
  • 1 Leader Card
  • 1 Knowledge Tracker
  • 6 Exchange Rate/Quick Rules Cards
  • 85 Knowledge Tokens
  • 1 Assimilate Knowledge Slip-Box
  • 1 Operative Manual [ Rulebook ]

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