Climer Cards



Climer Cards – Deck of Cards to Facilitate Team Building and Creativity

Objective: A versatile team building card game.

Climer Cards are a versatile teambuilding and creativity tool. This simple deck of cards uses hand-drawn pictures to evoke metaphors and imagination. Climer Cards can be used in dozens of team activities. Used by facilitators, teachers, parents, therapists, and camp counselors alike, this deck of cards helps with team building activities, enhancing conversations, generating creative ideas, and dividing large groups into smaller clusters. Directions and a free digital ebook included.

With Climer Cards…

  • Coaches use them to get clients exploring new ideas.
  • Facilitators help participants express what they learned.
  • Social workers and counselors use them with clients to gain a deeper understanding of their experiences.
  • Teachers help students create connections in class.
  • Parents use them to get kids talking about their day.


  • Spark conversation
  • Generate new ideas
  • Divide larger groups into small groups

Grouping People:

Sometimes you want to mix up a large group into smaller groups, but don’t want people to just join their friends. Climer Cards makes that process fun and easy. Give each person a card. Ask everyone to find others in the room with the same shape, color, or number. Each deck includes:

5 different shapes (groups of 10)
10 numbers (groups of 5)
6 colors (groups of 8-9)
You can also use for pairings, create smaller groups, or come up with new combinations.


“I carry my Climer Cards with me whenever I am presenting a workshop. They are the perfect companion for a facilitator. I use the cards to help engage those students who have hung back during discussions or to switch up the debrief process. I am amazed at the insights and answers students will give even from the simplest of processing as “Pick a card that represents the day.” Even at a basic level these cards deliver great results but the potential for engaging discussions goes far beyond that. If you are a serious facilitator these are a must have.”

Nick Palkowski, speaker, trainer, author

What do I get?

  • 1 deck of 20 Climber Cards: Climer Cards are a versatile teambuilding and creativity tool. The deck of cards can be used for dozens of activities with adults and youth.
  • Plastic Storage Box

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