Build-A-Treasure-Hunt Kit



TREASURE HUNT KIT – Complete DIY Treasure Hunt

Objective: Stage your own team building treasure hunt at your work site or a nearby park or museum with up to 7 ready-made challenges.

This downloadable Treasure Hunt Kit gives you all the tools you need to plan and launch a successful DIY team building event, wherever your meeting or conference happens to be happening. You get brain-teasing puzzles and secret codes (with clues and answers, naturally), official competition rule sheets plus a comprehensive treasure hunt coordinator’s guide filled with tips and tricks gleaned from thousands of professionally organized hunts. It’s adventure, creativity, and problem-solving all rolled into one very fun package.

You’ll need to do your own site scouting in advance. But even that becomes easier when you have goof-proof guidance from genuine treasure hunt pros. And yes, we really do exist.


  • Get to know teammates on a more personal level.
  • Discover teammates’ hidden skills and talents.
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Explore hidden treasures in your chosen location
  • Fun, informal networking

Recommended Group Size:  Small groups work together to solve tricky puzzles and code

Program Length: 90-120 minutes

Please note this is a downloadable event. When you purchase this event you will be sent the download information details.

What Do I Get?

How long in advance should I purchase?

You should purchase your DIY hunt 24 hours in advance.

What Do I Get?

Unlike our facilitated hunts, the clues in your Treasure Hunt kit do not lead to specific locations – yet.   Rather, solving our clues yields passwords, which you’ll need to match up with actual locations in your desired area.  So yes, you’ll need to do some actual site scouting. But at least the puzzles are already created for you!

When do I get it?

An email containing a link to the product download will be sent to you within 48 hours of your purchase.


  • Small groups work together to solve tricky puzzles and codes
  • 5 full-color puzzles
  • ~90-120 minutes
  • Coordinator’s Guide, Answers, and Rule Sheets
  • Fast and paperless: you get the whole kit electronically

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