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20 Questions – Leadership Edition



What is this? 20 Questions – Leadership Edition is a great team builder that drives home a specific learning outcome (i.e. Leadership, Customer Service, etc.)  It can be done both in a virtual community or with your tribe live and in person.  You can even edit and add cards that with custom questions for your group.  This event is great for exploring content specific knowledge about a topic area in a fun and informal way.

Great For: Quick re-energizer that gets people learning in a different way, informal content specific learning, and developing interpersonal relationships with others.  Not to mention a great coffee break activity.

MIQ Top 3: Kinesthetic, Verbal Linguistic, Interpersonal.

Time Required to Play: 20-35 minutes

Activity Level: Low

Location: Anywhere

Number of People: 8 to 800

Please note this is a downloadable event. When you purchase this event you will be sent the download information details.

What do I get?

Includes: You will receive a link to download a PDF that contains a printable version of the game.  You will also get a quick “how to play” text file.  Everything you need in a tidy little downloadable pack.