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Partners In Fun

For certain types of events, the best way for us to deliver an amazing experience is by teaming up with a specialist. It’s all in the name of bringing you the best of the best. Here are a few.

YoYo Events

Also known as Your Office, Your Outing. Our newest division really puts the "all" in all-inclusive events. If you want an exciting, cutting-edge team building program, but you really, really don’t have time to plan it, this is your ticket. Just choose an event, tell us what city you’re in and get back to work. You’re welcome.

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Mystery Cafe

America’s original interactive mystery dinner theatre. Mystery Café was the first chapter in the TeamBonding story. 25 years later, the partnership is more effective than ever. Treat your team to a delicious blend of comedy and murder mystery, served up with a three-course meal and full bar. Yum.

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Recipe For Success

This team is, quite simply, the best in the business. After all, culinary team building events are all they do. These aren’t cooking classes or demos, but full-on team bonding experiences designed by chefs. Choose competitive or collaborative. Programs can be staged anywhere – no kitchen required.

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Student Entertainment Company

Created specifically for students grades 5-12, each of these age-appropriate programs is designed to keep bright young minds highly engaged for 2-3 hours. Big hits include customized game shows, high-tech scavenger hunts, comedy improv, glow-in-the-dark dance parties and more. Give the kids an event to remember.

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