Meet the Team: Lauren Adams

March 10, 2014

Lauren Adams

Team Contributor

In this series of articles, we take five minutes to chat with a member of the TeamBonding team so you can get an idea of the sort of people we are.

In this installment we talk to Lauren, our new Client Relations & Marketing Coordinator, about cartoons, concerts and tornadoes.

How long have you been here?
Just over a week. I actually did work at a Bike Build event in Pittsburgh about four years ago when I was a college freshman. David reached out knowing I was in the area and asked if I’d be interested to help out for the day. I skipped class (oops!) to help organize the event, and see how the whole thing went down. It was really fun and rewarding, and everyone had a great experience.

What do you do with your spare time?
It depends on the weather – when it’s warm enough outside, I love going to the beach, biking, or hiking through the woods. When it’s cold, you can probably find me wearing six sweatshirts lying underneath fifteen blankets on the couch with a cup of coffee, watching cartoons (South Park, Bob’s Burgers, Aqua Teen Hunger Force…and I’ll never be too old for a little Spongebob!).

What is your favorite place in the world to be?
There’s nothing better than standing on a crowded floor at an awesome concert with a beer in my hand, and my friends by my side.

Do you have any phobias?
I have a number of odd or irrational fears, including open water and outer space…but my number one biggest fear is tornadoes. I can’t even count how many nightmares I’ve had about being in the path of a giant twister and having nowhere to hide. I’ll never visit Kansas.

What can’t you live without?
My iTunes/Spotify libraries. I have music playing whenever I can. I love discovering new music online on blogs or finding out about great new artists from college radio stations. If you’re looking for something new to listen to, ask me!

Do you have a favorite food?
Can I choose two!? I often think about what my last meal would be, if I had to pick…and it comes down to a tie between Chinese food and a hot buttered lobster roll.

The most important thing in life is:
Always be yourself! It’s cliché, but I think it’s extremely important. If you try and change to impress other people, you’ll forget who you really are and what really matters to you.

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