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  • High Tech Scaventure

Video, audio, images, augmented reality, maps, GPS and more!


Hi-Tech Scavenger Hunt for Team Building

GoTek Explorer is a high tech scavenger hunt that incorporates the newest smartphone and tablet technology with challenges in actual environment around you. Leverage your team’s natural desire for competition, achievement, status and self-expression, in a fun and compelling way.

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The Technology

Video, audio, images, GPS and more on your SmartPhone or Tablet!

All GoTek Scaventures use gamification process to engage participants in a way that is both motivating and fun. This is achieved through a multitude of dynamic challenge based features: GPS challenges, image recognition, augmented reality, video, audio, images and live scoring. Want more? We can set up a game that takes place exclusively indoors, outdoors or both.

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Facilitated Hunts

We will customize a hunt to your liking.

Shopping has never been so much fun AND rewarding! Think globally and act locally while tackling clues and missions all designed to benefit a local charity.
Loosely based on the TV hit The Amazing Race, teams seek out and solve a series of challenges developed with 'events' in mind and customer experience as paramount.
Explore, learn, compete – a unique and interactive way to explore your city whilst building your team. Enjoy a hunt with a conventional twist, indoors, outdoors or both.
A top secret scavenger hunt designed to get teams working together to complete missions and help catch a spy.
Scavenger hunts just got smarter...and tastier with missions comprised of a carefully selected tasks tailored to satisfy your sweet tooth.
Looking for a unique event that can be run on-site at your designated venue? Then our GoTek Venue Explorer is just for you!
DIY Hunts
On a budget? Why not try a Self Run event that you can run yourself, whenever you like. Choose Your Location and Book Your Event.
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