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Welcome to the DIY side of TeamBonding!  

We’re trying to make things as easy as possible for you so many of the products/programs are self-explanatory  This page is a little tutorial to help you get what you need when you need it.

Bonding in a Box – these are exactly as advertised, your program will be shipped to you with everything you need.  Click on What’s in the Box to find out exactly what you get and what if anything you need to do.

Digital Downloads – need something right away, this is your category.  There are some simple games, instant icebreakers and full-blown programs, all available for you to download, print and run your event.

Event Enhancements – already have an event booked?  This is where we have ways to upgrade your experience or even capture it on film or video.  Check out our mural prints and other event add-ons that make your event extra special!

IceBreakers – If we had $1 every time some asked us for a great idea for an icebreaker for a meeting or event they are running.  Well, this is that place, we have curated some of the best ice breakers and for about $8 or less, you can download that icebreaker right from the site and run it with your group within minutes.  Last minute, no problem!

Scavenger & Treasure Hunts – Our professionally facilitated scavenger and treasure hunts are some of the best team building events that we offer.  We have a couple of kits where you can create your own and we provide the clues and then we have our GoTek hunts created in a city near you.  If you have the budget, let us facilitate them, if not, this is a great option for small budgets.  Don’t see your city, ask and we can create one for you!

Swag! – coming soon!  

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