The $20,000 Giveaway

Welcome ADMEI attendees! TeamBonding is giving away $20,000 in Montreal. Play your cards right and your Destination Management Company can win $1,000 in TeamBonding Bucks redeemable towards ANY of our team building programs built around the power of play. The first 20 DMCs win! Remember to play as a team. Only one prize per DMC.

TeamBonding Hands


How to Win

Playing is simple, but TeamBonding has the only way to win. No wagers. No bluffing. No gambles. Just play your cards and your DMC can win the pot!

(1) Collect cards throughout the conference to build your DMC’s $1,000 hand.
(2) Compare your DMC’s cards to the TeamBonding hands.
(3) If you can build a 5-card hand that beats either TeamBonding hand, you win!
(4) Find the bank (Karen & Stephanie) to claim your prize.

The first 20 DMCs to beat Karen or Stephanie with a 5-card hand win $1,000 in TeamBonding Bucks. You may trade cards with other attendees throughout the ADMEI conference and find Stephanie and Karen to learn new ways to earn cards and win. With 80+ team building programs built around the power of play, your clients win too! Visit the TeamBonding table. You have nothing to lose!


How to Collect Cards

The more cards your collect, the greater your chances of winning. Work as a team or individually to complete the tasks below and build your DMC’s hand. You can earn more than five cards throughout the conference, but you only need a 5-card hand to win.

Stop by the TeamBonding table for some Black Jack. If you win, you get a card.

Have lunch with Karen or Stephanie. It’s guaranteed fun. Be sure to ask for your card. That’s simple enough, right?

Follow us on Twitter. Show Stephanie or Karen the follow to get your card.

Like us on Facebook. Show Stephanie or Karen that you are a true fan.

Re-tweet #TBTips during the conference. Show Stephanie or Karen the tweet.

#FindTBKaren on Twitter and Facebook for some spontaneous game play.

Tell Stephanie or Karen the difference between Team Bonding v.s. team building during the conference and get a card. Here’s a hint.

Find us on Instagram (@TeamBonding) or check out Webstagram for a chance to snag a wild card.

And last, but not least…bargain, barter or trade cards with other attendees!


How to Play Your Cards

Find your DMC’s hand on the chart below (actual cards may vary). Compare your DMC’s hand to Stephanie’s hand and Karen’s hand at the top of this page. If your hand beats either of their hands, you win $1,000 in TeamBonding Bucks for your DMC! Don’t forget, only one prize per DMC. Work together and win.

poker hands


How to Redeem TeamBonding Bucks

Your DMC has a winning hand?! Find Karen or Stephanie immediately to get your prize. Only the first 20 DMCs to beat one of their hands will win. Once you have your TeamBonding Bucks, just follow these simple steps:

(1) Don’t lose your $1,000. We cannot replace lost TeamBonding Bucks. See full terms.

TeamBonding Bucks

(2) Review our programs, from culinary & social responsibility to speakers & training.

(3) Contact a Client Solutions Manager to discuss your needs and get a custom quote.

Not sure which TeamBonding program to choose? That’s ok. Skip to Step 3 and our Client Solutions Manager will help you find the right fit. Redeeming your TeamBonding Bucks is easy. Choosing just ONE our our 80+ programs may be tough.

Remember, its house rules and you must be all in to win. Team work makes the dream work. Good luck!