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By: Victoria Pache|June 4, 2015| Save This Idea


Well Boston, we survived. After what seemed like a perpetuating winter, it officially feels warm enough to call it summer!

The time of year that every school kid counts down 180 days to, is filled with memorable sights, sounds, and smells. Fresh cut grass and the sound of lawn mowers, the jingle of the local ice cream truck, the endless amounts of sunshine, what’s not to love? As anyone from Boston can tell you, summer brings about another energetic activity, Red Sox season. Yes folks, as we head into week 7 of the season, I think it’s safe to say we are in the thick of it. It would be sinful to even bother mentioning the Red Sox without honoring the iconic Fenway Park.


Ahhhh… Fenway Park; the games, the beers, the franks, the history! As the oldest park in the MLB, it has quite the reputation of being the star of the show, it’s simply invigorating. With the amount of time Fenway has had to build its repertoire with fans, it has also had time to become very familiar, maybe too familiar. Now we are not suggesting Fenway could ever get old,  but we can understand you wanting to see a new side of this welcoming landmark. Well, if you are up for a little adventure this summer and a new spin on an old classic, might we suggest a Fenway Park scavenger hunt?

Get To Know Fenway

Sure. You’ve gone to games and even possibly walked around the area, but do you really know all the cool little spots the Fenway area has to offer? Well, no worries because we do and we are here to help! Gather friends, family, and coworkers alike and put your competitive pants on because TeamBonding offers Mobile Adventures as a fantastic way to not only see a new side of the classic location, but also help build relations with YOUR team.

Check out

Once on the page, simply:

  1. Enter your zip code.
  2. Choose Fenway as your location.
  3. Enter the number of teams that will be playing.
  4. Select the date you plan on playing.
  5. Download our free app.
  6. Scan the provided QR code.
  7. Go have a blast!

Here is a quick hands-on demo on us:

Just download the app and scan this QR code


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