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October 8, 2020

David Goldstein

Founder & COO

It’s safe to say that most of us are adapting to working outside of the office and creating a new normal. What’s imperative to remember is how important team collaboration and connection is despite working remotely.

In these dividing times we want to do more than just sit at home, we want to do something together that gives back. With our normal lives on pause and the uncertainty of the future you might wonder how you can give back.

TeamBonding has created a new division, Kits4Cause, that focuses on bringing remote teams together while giving back to the community wherever you may be.

What is Kits4Cause?

These virtually facilitated or self-facilitated team-building experiences are essentially events in a box. TeamBonding has over 15 kits, which individuals or companies can purchase directly online, and they will be shipped to homes, offices or available for curbside pickup. Giving back has never been so easy!

Boost your remote team’s bond with fun and interactive service projects

Team building activities nourish organizations of any size or structure by improving communication, productivity and encouraging collaboration. Kits4Cause are activity-based kits which can make great service products for your team. In each kit, participants will have 3-4 activities that they volunteer their time on, and ultimately donate for impact. Kits can be donated to shelters, foster homes, hospitals, the military, schools, police stations, nursing homes or any charity in need. Here are a few of our favorite kits:

1. Birthday in a Box

In our Birthday Box kit, participants will decorate a birthday sash, color in a Happy Birthday box, wrap a gift for a child, and then donate to a foster home or charity of your choice!

2. Blessing Bags

In this at-home service project, you will decorate, fill and ultimately donate 3 Blessing Bags for the Homeless which will include educational resources, inspirational and heartfelt messages, as well as much needed materials for survival in various elements. This act of kindness will go a long way.

3. Deployed Military Care Kit

Support a soldier by engaging in several meaningful service projects. You’ll make 2 paracord bracelets, use augmented reality to create artistic note cards, and stuff and dress a military companion bear, to name a few. You’ll finish up by writing a handwritten note of gratitude and adding much needed supplies to the military care kit. Included in your shipment will be a prepaid shipping label to send your kit to the armed forces.

Connect your team and strengthen company morale while making a direct impact on the lives of others. Give your team the chance to be together virtually, share a charity team building experience, and make an impact because a team that gives together, grows together.

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