Cocktail Team Building

Get into the Spirit of Team Mixologist

Cocktail team building is a fantastic way to engage and strengthen your team, they will be having so much fun they won’t even realize the benefits they are getting out of it!

cocktail team building feature

Whether you are looking for a straightforward team building session, a bit of pre dinner fun or just an excuse to have a few drinks and wind down after a day of conferences, our  interactive  cocktail experience is just the ticket. The cocktail team building event is informative while  being fun and relaxed, ideal for those who love getting involved, rolling their sleeves up & letting their hair down!  Cocktail team building is an ideal way to get your team thinking about your core company values in a fun and relaxed environment. In this 1-2 hour experience each group will design and present a cocktail from their mystery box of ingredients.

Teams will be welcomed to the event with a tasty “mocktail” that will set the stage.   Our first mixer will put your team in a blender and result in some unique and tasty new connections. From there the neon lights come on and the bar games are open. We will talk and explore experientially the need for teams to “raise the bar,” “count the quarters,” and drive the “cement truck” to greater team success. When you finally get the tab, you’ll realize that quality learning and fun are the only charge of the day.

The Mixology Mission

In groups of 5-6 you are given a mystery box of ingredients and asked to design a custom cocktail; this can be tailored to fit in with your company or a specific theme if required.

Each team will be asked to come up with an original name for their cocktail and prepare a presentation to convince the judges and their fellow participants that their groups cocktail is the best of the best!

Each group will have an allocated time to practice making their cocktail once.

The Presentation

Each team will be asked to make and present their cocktail at the bar to the rest of the group. The instructors will select the winning cocktail based not only on the taste but on the concept, presentation and the making of the cocktails, prizes will be awarded accordingly.

Become a mixologist and unleash your inner bartender as part of a cocktail making and development event strikes the perfect balance between learning and fun.

Group size

30 – 200

Time needed

2 hours

Space requirements

A conference or meeting room with enough tables to accommodate each team

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