ComedySportz Touring Company

Add excitement to your next private event with customizable improv comedy from ComedySportz™! Our experienced professional performers travel to you; anywhere in the world! From corporate meetings in Orlando to fundraisers in downtown Chicago, let the ComedySportz™ Touring Company add clean, interactive humor! We have a variety of formats to fit any event at any budget.

What is ComedySportz?

Two teams of top improv comedians compete for laughs and points in this hilarious interactive show, based upon audience suggestions. The referee regulates play with witty rules and funny fouls to keep the suggestions clean and the comedians on their toes.  Our improvising musician underscores the match, providing sound effects, atmosphere, and big musical numbers.  Everybody Laughs™ because it’s totally interactive and customized comedy to suit elements within your group (referencing products, buzzwords, and your corporate culture).

Here’s the Show (in 4 Easy Steps):

1.  The referee explains the rules, the roles and ridiculousness that’s about to ensue. He introduces the teams and warms up the audience.

2.  The audience shouts suggestions to start each improv game, and occasionally volunteers to be a part of the show.

3.  The teams take turns playing various hilarious games, attempting to make the audience laugh the hardest.  Fouls are called to keep it fast-paced, family-friendly and hilarious.

4.  The audience chooses their favorite scenes and points are awarded. One team wins, and EVERYBODY LAUGHS!

ComedySportz has produced and performed for corporations and private groups nationwide throughout the past two decades.  From small events (staff dinners, holiday parties) to audiences of hundreds or even thousands (annual meetings, general sessions), we’re a perennial favorite with all manner of businesses because of our reputation for clean comedy, flexibility and professionalism.

Group size

30 - 300

Time needed

45 - 90 minutes

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