Breaking All Barriers

create your own moment of change

Motivate your organization to break through barriers while creating passion and inspiration with a unique company training program!

“There are no words to explain the power I felt when I broke through the board…”

“Watching the staff break through their barriers was absolutely amazing!”

“If it was one out of ten, I give it an eleven!”

In today’s economy, the barriers that hold back an organization can become crushing overnight. Employees must become not just good, but outstanding at breaking all barriers in order to succeed.

In this program, Marc shares the secrets of the most successful people that can be used instantly to create a life without limits. This program walks participants through the Broken Barrier TriadTM, a simple three and a half step process to break through absolutely any barrier:

1. Find Your InsFEARation—aim for something so inspiring and out of your comfort zone, it scares you.

2. Master Your Mindset—develop a positive mindset in an empowering environment.

3. Get Into S.T.A.T.E.—control your nervousness by getting into S.T.A.T.E (Systematic Tactics to Activate Targeted Energy).

3.5. Start, Stick It Out & Succeed—Strategies to get it all done.

Motivate your organization to break through barriers while creating passion and inspiration with a unique company training program!

Your organization’s staff will:

  • Develop a clear plan to overcome current professional barriers.
  • Learn a three and a half step system to overcome any barrier.
  • Understand how to empower others in the organization.
  • Be inspired to achieve the incredible!
  • Have an unforgettable experience!

Group size

25 - 500

Time needed

1 - 3 hours

“Please forward to Marc how much we LOVED him!  It was perfect – gotten lots of emails, calls, posts on FB – it made such a difference!  The session was outstanding – unbelievable!”

imgres A.C., The Marvis Center

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