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We provide team building activities and events across the United States and Canada. From New England to California, and the Northwest to to the Southeast, we have team building facilitators and venues in your area. Select a city from the map below to view events we've done in that area!

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These Will Tickle Your Taste Buds!

Check back on Friday and we’ll tell you which mouth-watering TeamBonding programs are PERFECT for summer! Find Lauren Baker on Google+.

#MusicMondays: Raging Fire by Phillip Phillips

“Raging Fire” by Phillip Phillips American Idol winner Phillip Phillips has already made a name for himself at the young age of 23. His song “Raging Fire” is the newest off of his recent album …

Boat Building = Team Building

In our Build-a-Boat program teams will receive tools, blueprints, equipment and designs to construct their very own boat. Your team may be a little surprised by the materials you have to work with, but that makes it …